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Efficiency: 25.5. 2018

Last update: 26.10. 2021


    1. These rules of personal data protection (‘Rules’) were adopted by futureproof s.r.o., CIN: 04533640, registered office address Dvořákova 1432/4, Říčany, 251 01, Czech Republic, registered in the Commercial Register under No C 249245 , filed at the Municipal Court in Prague (‘futureproof’).

    2. Information listed herein related to the processing of personal data during:

      • Visiting of websites operated by futureproof, (‘Website’);

      • Communication with futureproof by the means of web form or other platforms including social networks.

    3. Please read these Rules before using the Website, The current version is always located at [].


    1. Personal Data. Personal data means any information that makes it possible to identify a particular natural person or information directly related to that identified person. However, data processed by futureproof may include other information, including anonymized information, which is not personal information, whether or not is processed under these rules

    2. Controller. Controller means a person who determines the purposes and means of processing of personal data. As a rule, futureproof act as a controller.

    3. Processor. Processor is a person who processes the data only according to the instructions of the controller for the purpose and by the means specified by the controller. futureproof uses the controller for subtasks in the processing of personal data that are described in more detail in these Rules. futureproof may also act as a processor when it processes personal information from external co-workers who are not contracted by futureproof for its end customers. They are themselves in the role of a controller.


    1. The scope of data that futureproof processes depends first of all on the extent and reason of communication with you and the way of Website use.

    2. Data can come first of all directly from you, especially if you share it with us in any communication.

    3. Furthermore, personal information we process may come from third party platforms on which you are registered. You consent to the disclosure of personal data to such third parties may be dependent on their rules set already at the moment of registration or settings modification on such platform.

    4. Third-party platforms can include social networks (such as Facebook and LinkedIn). If you allow access to the information provided in your accounts on social networks, we may have access to data to the extent you choose.

    5. Some personal information is obtained by futureproof from Your device through cookies, in particular to ensure the functionality of the Website and analysis of its traffic.


      1. Device data and behavior on the Website / Cookies. This information, as a rule, is directly from your device or through anonymous cookies – futureproof does not assign any information to any person. Data may include:

        • IP address

        • type and other information about the used device;

        • used browser and its settings;

        • cookies themselves and its settings; and

        • Website behavior in the range of displayed windows and other content, made choices or language settings.

      2. Identification and contact details. We collect data primarily through the contact form on the Website, and in communication through our contact information and social networks. Data include in particular:

        • a name and a surname;

        • an e-mail address;

        • a phone number; or

        • contents of the message you are sending, eventually  contents of files you are attaching to your message.

    Please, be informed that the content of messages you sent may be further processed to handle your request and further communication with us. To provide this we may make communication available to futureproof employees, or other collaborators, depending on the nature of their content.

    1. Data obtained from third party platforms. Additional personal information that you voluntarily make available to us or that you published on third-party platforms, such as social networks or forums, may be added to your personal information. As a rule, disclosure is governed by the terms and conditions set by these third parties. These terms and conditions cannot be affected by futureproof in any way.


      1. futureproof uses personal information for the below mentioned purposes, on the basis of legal reasons mentioned below.

      2. Provision of services / networking. We use the data to provide our services from submitting the offer and information to the contract conclusion and its performance. To provide this we process data in the scope of identification and contact information (e-mail, phone number), and in the scope of the specification of your particular requirements, which may include other personal information (e.g. employment, place of work). You always provide this information voluntarily. However, if you refuse to disclose them, it is generally not possible to conclude a contract with futureproof, to obtain the required service specification or make business contact with futureproof.

      3. Website operating. We use the data to operate and improve the content of the Website. When you visit the Website, user behavior is followed and evaluated to ensure website correct operation and to customize its content to user preferences.

    Outputs in the form of analyses and statistics contain only anonymous information about the Website use within the selected user groups. For this purpose, files of cookies type may be stored on you device. Processing is based on the futureproof legitimate interest in its own web presentation.

    Providing data is voluntary and can be influenced by you browser settings. More information can be found in the cookie bat on the Website.

    Processing of your requirement. Based on the performance of your contract or your legitimate interest we process in particular your identification and contact information to meet your requirements and answer your questions. For this purpose, any further information provided by you in connection with the requests is processed to the necessary extent. You provide the data on a voluntary basis, however, it is usually necessary to provide them for correct processing of your requirement and further communication

      1. Employee recruitment and contract work. We process personal and other data to contact and communicate with employment job applicants and contract work applicants. We further process personal data when assessing candidates job opening fitness and managing our applicants database. Primarily, personal data is processed on the basis of legitimate interest of futureproof in exercising its recruitment services and provision of professional services.

    If you gave consent to the personal data processing, your personal data, processed for the purpose of job offering to applicants, will be processed for maximum 5 years unless you give your consent to extend that period of processing.

    After the period of processing is over (any legal reason for processing is no longer applicable), your personal data will be irreversibly destroyed or anonymized.

    You always give us your data voluntarily.

    1. Other. Further processing of personal data may only be carried out by futureproof in accordance with the law, for example in order to defend its claims or other legitimate interests, or to comply with statutory obligations, in particular in the frames of accounting or tax law.

    1. Personal information is stored for the following period:

      • Provision of services. We process the data for duration of your inquiry, or for the duration of contract you conclude with us. The data contained in some documents (e.g. accounting and tax documents, payments details) are kept for the period specified in the applicable legislation.

      • Operation of the Website.  – Most of the data is kept only for the actual use of the Website. The storage period of cookies never exceeds 13 months. You can find up-to-date information about the expiration date of cookies in the cookies bar on the Website by clicking on ‘View cookies details…’.The processing may be terminated on the basis of your objection.

      • Request processing. We always keep the data for the time necessary to process your request or other communication unless we are right or we are obliged to keep the data longer (e.g. for the reason of law protection or legal claims).

      • Recruitment. We keep the data for the duration of the application process. In the case of your consent you give in the frames of communication with futureproof we may store your data for 5 year for the purpose of possible future collaboration.  We subsequently process personal data for the agreed period, or until the withdrawal of your consent.

    2. Further processing. Even after the above mentioned terms have expired, personal data may be retained if permitted by applicable law, for example, in the form of back-ups and logos or in another way and on the basis of futureproof’s legitimate interests in protecting their rights or enforcing legal claims.


      1. futureproof. First and foremost, personal data is processed by futureproof and its personnel for all purposes herein. All workers and any other persons accessing personal information on futureproof’s part are obliged to keep the confidentiality of personal data and information about its processing.

      2. Processors. We may also use the service of so-called processors who process personal data solely according to instructions and for purposes set by futureproof. The transfer of data occurs only to the extent and for purposes set by futureproof. The transfer of data occurs only to the extent strictly necessary for the provision of products or services from the processor’s side.

    Processors may include the following:

        • external collaborators involved in providing futureproof;

        • external payroll and accounting providers;

        • providers of e-mailing tools and other electronic communication platforms;

        • providers of tools for candidate selection and for tender management;

        • providers of tools for business contact management  and marketing;

        • providers of tools for website analysis and testing;

        • hosting or cloud service providers.

    You can always request a specific list of processors using the contacts listed below.

    1. Business partners. Data may be provided to our business partners in the case when we process for them (in the role of processor) personal data of selected external co-workers. Our business partners determine purposes and means of such processing. Processing, including handover, of personal data is always made on the basis of a properly concluded contract between business partner and futureproof.

    2. Communication. Please be informed that communication on social networks or forums may not be private. Posts you post there can be seen by all users. Any communication can be stored by operators of social networks and discussion forums.

    3. Mergers, acquisitions, ownership changes. In the case of merge of futureproof with another entity or in case of its acquisition of another entity and further in case of any ownership changes or property changes data may be made available to a new entity or transferred to a new entity. At the same time data may be made available to potential investors to a limited extent before the transaction is completed. The transfer of personal data is based on the legitimate interest of futureproof in the execution of the transaction.

    4. Mandatory disclosure. Data may also be forwarded to the competent authorities and other authorized persons if required by law or by binding sentence of court or other competent authorities.


    1. When processing your personal data, please contact us at any time and apply following rights:

      • Access to personal information. When executing this right we will inform you what data we process, for what purpose and for how long and other information about the handling of the information. You can also request a copy of your personal information.

      • Right to rectify personal data. If you find any inaccuracies in the processing of your personal data, we will make the necessary corrections or additions.

      • The right to delete personal data. You are entitled to delete your personal data if legal conditions are met.  We will delete personal information when it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was processed. We will also delete your personal data if you withdraw your consent to process it. Please be informed we will first consider whether any legal impediment hinders the liquidation of the data or whether further processing of personal data is not necessary for another reason including futureproof’s legitimate interests.

      • The right to limited processing of personal data. We proceed to the limitation of processing when you deny its accuracy, processing is provided without due legal reason or is not needed for the intended purpose. As a rule, limiting the processing of personal data is temporary and lasts as long as conditions for further processing or deletion are verified.

      • The right of transfer. You may request the transfer of personal data that you have provided to us yourself and that are automatically processed by your consent or under the terms of contract. While performing this right we will pass on personal information in a commonly used form to you or another collector of your choice.

      • Right to object. If the processing of personal data is provided on the basis of legitimate interests, you have the opportunity to object to such processing. The processing of personal data is terminated on the basis of the objection, unless we can prove a serious reason for further processing.

      • The right to make complaint. If you believe that futureproof is processing personal information in violation of your right of private or personal life you can contact us for clarification and removal of such state. You also have the possibility to contact the particular supervisory authority. Contact details for individual supervisory authorities within the European Union can be found at Because futureproof’s registered office is located in the Czech Republic, the leading office responsible for the final handling of your complaint is the Office for Personal Data Protection.


    1. futureproof commits to keep your data secure. Personal data is handled in full compliance with applicable laws, including GDPR. When processing personal data, we place great emphasis both on the technical and organizational security of the processed data. Personal data is normally stored in databases and systems that only those people who need to use them instantly for the purposes set out in these rules and only to the necessary extent. Personal data security is tested by futureproof and the protection is constantly being improved. We also require the same standard of security for other entities involved in the processing of personal data.


    1. Please, be informed that futureproof is only able to guarantee compliance with these Rules on its Website and in the frames of its business. However, websites may contain links to third-party content (e.g. social networks). The processing of personal data by third parties is always primarily governed by their own rules whose form we are not able to influence. Before reading third party products or services, please, read the rules carefully.


    1. futureproof also provides its services outside the Czech Republic, so personal data may be transferred abroad, even to countries outside the European Union, to at least partial processing. Transfers of personal data abroad also occur with the use of third party software tools and services. Nevertheless, futureproof transfers personal information only in case all legal requirements are met.


    1. futureproof reserves the right to change the Rules without prior notice in order to ensure a better level of personal data protection, to take into account the development of legislation or generally accepted practice. For this reason, we recommend that you watch this page on a continuous basis, where you can always find the up-to-date version of the Rules with stating the latest date of update.


    1. If you have any requests or complaints regarding these Rules or the processing of personal data, you can contact us by e-mail at, or by phone at +420732463511 . We are ready to receive your requests both in Czech and English language.


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